A simple utility for generating date-fns, Moment.js, Day.js, and Luxon format codes. By Ross Hill.

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What is this tool?

Formatting dates is a common task in web development. Date formatting libraries usually require two inputs: a date and a format code. Figuring out the correct format code for a desired date format can be challenging and time-consuming. For example, achieving the date format Wed, Jun 26 in Moment.js requires the format code ddd, MMM D.

WTFormat simplifies this process. This user-friendly tool gives you a date which you then rewrite in your desired format. When you click "generate", WTFormat outputs the corresponding format code for various popular date libraries, including date-fns, Moment.js, Day.js, and Luxon. This eliminates the need to memorize or search for format codes, saving you time and effort.

Who can benefit from WTFormat?

    Front-End Developers: Quickly implement consistent date formats without needing to look up format codes.

    Full-Stack Developers: Seamlessly transition between projects using different date libraries.

    Beginners: Learn how different libraries handle date formatting through an easy-to-understand interface.

    Project Managers: Communicate desired date formats clearly and effectively to developers.


WTFormat is a valuable tool for developers of all skill levels. It streamlines the date formatting process, saving time and reducing frustration. By making date formatting easier, WTFormat contributes to increased productivity and improved code quality. As web development continues to evolve, tools like WTFormat play a crucial role in simplifying common tasks and allowing developers to focus on creating innovative and engaging web experiences.